Weekend Special Farm Visit In Plattsburg MO

Weekend Special Farm Visit In Plattsburg MO


We had the good fortune to once again visit the farm in Plattsburg, MO this week. The air is pure, the views are spectacular, as are the sunsets.  There is a calming quiet that is disturbed only by the sound of birds.  In fact, one evening a flock of sand hill cranes flew overhead, squawking as they headed to their nesting grounds. A  Farm Visit In Plattsburg MO is the perfect “get away from it all” experience.

The serene surroundings of farmland in the Plattsburg area is such a joy.  It is cows, corn, soybeans, wild flowers, wonderful people.  It is a way of life many people will never understand nor experience.  Luckily, we have relatives that have a farm in Plattsburg, MO so we went up there to partake of the peace that country life affords.  A truly beautiful experience that I thoroughly enjoy.  I told my husband if he could be a farmer, I could be a farm wife…as long as a Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and a farm stand were nearby!!  🙂

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Gluten Free Chocolate Tea Cake From Epicurious

Gluten Free Chocolate Tea Cake From Epicurious


While paging through a Bon Appetit Magazine, I came across this lovely loaf cake on the last page.  The title was No Flour, No Problem.  The picture was great and looked like a “real” cake. Skeptic that I am, I quickly looked at the recipe, assuming it had some alternative GF flour, which I don’t usually eat.  (Most of them contain oats or rice.)  When I saw these simple ingredients, I knew I had to give it a try.  The only other change I made was to use coconut sugar in place of the granulated sugar. It turned out so well, I just had to share it here on shutterbugchef.com. This Gluten Free Chocolate Tea Cake has many uses:

  1.  It is a cake!  Serve it for dessert as is!
  2. Toast the slices and top with fruit compote.
  3. With the leftovers, crumble them for a topping for paleo ice cream.
  4. Toast the crumbles for a crunchy topping on almost anything!!


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Southwestern Roasted Carrot and Cauliflower Soup Shots

Southwestern Roasted Carrot and Cauliflower Soup Shots



Soup shots are always on my menu when I host a party.  Nearly every soup I make has been transformed into a soup shot.  My latest soup, Southwestern Roasted Carrot and Cauliflower Soup Shots is up next when we have a small group over to meet our friends from Germany, Uli, Sonja and Tim!

This is a great way to entertain.  These cute little soup bowls are hand held, no spoon required (unless you are serving a chunky soup) and really satisfy. Guests can help themselves to the soup or the little bowls can be passed from a tray.


This fantastic soup gets its Southwestern flavors from cumin and cilantro but lemon juice added at the end really gives it added flavor without adding heat! Continue reading

Weekend Special Scenic Drive To Jerome Arizona

Weekend Special Scenic Drive To Jerome Arizona


A 53 minute drive from Prescott,  Arizona to Jerome, Arizona is about 45 minutes of some of the most spectacular scenery in Arizona. Once you leave the Prescott area, it is 29 miles to Jerome, but takes about 40 minutes.  Switchbacks are the lay of the land, but with each turn, a more beautiful scene appears.  Thus,  the Scenic Drive To Jerome Arizona is an amazing adventure ending in a town that seems like time forgot.  Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs For The Entire Family

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs For The Entire Family

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs 3

There is something so wonderful about homemade marinara sauce.  Most people agree that it is always better a day or so after making it.  The flavors then have the chance to
“marry” and the depth of flavor intensifies. I recommend that for most Italian sauces.  This Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs recipe is no exception.

I made the marinara on Sunday and allowed it to barely simmer for 2 hours.  Then I transferred it into a covered bowl and let it refrigerate until Monday afternoon. ( I made the meatball mixture on Sunday too but I did not bake them until Monday afternoon.)  This was a dish that I wish I’d had company over for last night!  The rich, chunky  wonderful marinara sauce was so good with these meatballs and served over delicious and healthy spaghetti squash, well, it was fantastic. Continue reading

Easy 3 Ingredient Or Less Molded Chocolates

Easy 3 Ingredient or Less Molded Chocolates


Ever since finding these tiny chocolate molds, I have been having so much fun designing wonderful and pretty desserts!  There are so many combinations of flavors that practically everyone will have a favorite!

Chocolate and nuts just go together so well, but you can have fun with varying the type of nuts, the texture, additional ingredients to enhance them.  It is totally up to you! Continue reading

Charred Bell Pepper Soup With Roasted Tomatoes Chives And Bacon



Charred Bell Pepper Soup Roasted Tomatoes Chives And Bacon



After our end-of-the-season Spanish Tapas and Paella party a couple weeks ago, Susan and Maggie had some leftover veggies.  I put them to good use in this terrific Charred Bell Pepper Soup With Roasted Tomatoes Chives And Bacon!

The versatility of this soup is what makes it easy for you to substitute canned tomatoes for fresh, any color bell peppers, and you may use vegetable broth in place of the chicken broth if you prefer. Continue reading

Weekend Special Hiking West Fork Sedona In Autumn

Weekend Special Hiking West Fork Sedona In Autumn


Technically this is Oak Creek, not Sedona.  But that is what people will remember when they are hiking West Fork Sedona In Autumn.  For years I have told people that the drive from Phoenix to Sedona, about 2 hours, is worth the trip even if you never get out of the car.  The stunning red rocks are among the most photographed scenes in not only Arizona, but perhaps the world.  sedona-3

Autumn is my favorite time of year in Sedona.  Everywhere, in fact, is Fall my favorite time of year!  Come with me and enjoy this hike through West Fork. Continue reading

Paleo French Apple Custard Cake

Paleo French Apple Custard Cake



The first time I ever had French Apple Custard Cake was actually in France!  Several years ago while in Paris our hotel served a delicious one for breakfast!  This wonderful cake was moist and more like a custard type of cake than a coffee cake, which is often a bit drier.  But, oh this cake was divine and I had to come up with a recipe for it.  After much searching through cook books, magazines and the internet, I finally came up with something VERY close to the French Apple Custard Cake I had in Paris for breakfast!! (Eventually I served it as a dessert, too.  It seemed a little too decadent for breakfast back at home….somehow on holiday in France it seems acceptable to have a sliver of French Apple Custard Cake for breakfast!)   😉

So that was a few years back and since January 5, 2015, I have given up sugar, dairy, grains and anything artificial in my diet (and lost 22 pounds in doing so!) This recipe was no longer working for me.  🙁 Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Cream Bites

Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Cream Bites


Maybe because Halloween is getting close, I am missing the treats in Trick or Treat! I don’t actually crave candy, but I do like a sweet from time to time.  That is why I have been on a chocolate mold kick lately.  The latest experiment, Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Cream Bites is so delicious, I had to post it sooner than later.

I gave one to my daughter Allyson and her reaction was, “OMG!  It tastes exactly like a Mounds bar!” Continue reading