Paleo Super Bowl Party Menu

Paleo Super Bowl Party Menu



Why shouldn’t we have great food and flavors and still stay clean?  We can and it is super easy to do!  Let’s make it a Paleo Super Bowl Party!  Everything here is:


Shutterbug Chef!

Super Bowl Sunday is February 4th!  Whether your team is in the big game this weekend or not, Super Bowl parties are usually fun!  This year, the game is in Minneapolis where the expected high temperature is 11 degrees and the low is -1!!  The Philidelphoia Eagles and The New England Patriots are probably ok with those extremely cold temperatures. Who do you like in this match-up?  I’d like to see The Eagles win! ( Gotta keep Casey happy!)  But the party food will be great and we will all be the winners!

Also, I am looking forward to watching the National Anthem, which always brings tears to my eyes!  Let’s hope Pink does this beautiful song justice, as I think she will! Oh, and Justin Timberlake as the halftime entertainment should be awesome, too!  So, let’s talk party food: Continue reading

Weekend Special 2017 Photo Contest Winners


Time to toot my own horn again!  Herewith I present  my 2017 Photo Contest Winners.  I enter many photo contests and this year a lot of them won or placed!  I like to post these winners to show how my interests in subjects varies wildly!   Some of the titles have a number or some random letters.  In the case of the numbers, it merely refers to Continue reading

The Best Green Smoothie



Shutterbug Chef!


The Best Green Smoothie came to me from Pinch Of Yum.  I am a hardcore banana and chocolate smoothie girl but this one piqued my interest!  It is really GREEN!  The only thing in it that is green is kale.  And only a handful of it, which imparts no kale flavor! Continue reading

Roasted Carrot Tomato and Ginger Soup


IF YOU ARE NOT A HUGE GINGER FAN:  KEEP READING!!  I am not a big fan of fresh ginger, however in this soup it adds a nice warmth but does not overpower with ginger flavor.


Shutterbug Chef!

My sister Kathleen sent this recipe for Roasted Carrot Tomato and Ginger Soup to me.  I was unsure of it due to the ginger ingredient.  Kathleen said it was the best soup she had made in a long time.  So, “Here I go”  I thought to myself.  Off to the store to get ginger because everything else I had on hand! Continue reading

A Year Of Missing Terri

A year ago today, we lost my sister-in-law, Terri, unexpectedly.  Shortly after, I posted the story and feel compelled now to repeat some of the same words and sentiments. Continue reading

Shutterbug Chef Makes Emeril Lagasse’s Coffee Ice Cream


This is the first in my new feature Called: Shutterbug Chef Cooks The Food Network!


Shutterbug Chef!

For Christmas this year my kids gave me a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker I had wanted one and planned to try my “paleo” ice cream recipes in it hoping that somehow they would be creamier, less icy.  So far, I have tried a couple of clean recipes but I am still trying to work on not only the texture but also the flavor.  I don’t want all ice creams being based on coconut or bananas, even though they are very good, too.

Continue reading

Shutterbug Chef 2018: A Confession

Where did 2017 go?  Is Christmas really over?  Already?  How can it be January 2018?  If you follow this blog regularly, you may have noticed that my last post was in the middle of December!  I have no excuses, like: “I was so busy”, “There were so many holiday parties I couldn’t keep up”, or ” We had so much company for the holidays that there was no time to prepare a blog post!”

The only reason I did not post anything is that I just did not prepare….anything.  Nothing.  Continue reading

Paleo Instant Pot Bone Broth

I’m the Shutterbug Chef!

Paleo Instant Pot Bone Broth

Shutterbug Chef!

If you are new to the “clean” or “paleo” way of eating, this recipe for Paleo Instant Pot Bone Broth is my gift to you.  If you already follow one of these plans and are new to pressure cooking,  my recipe for making bone broth in an Instant Pot is also my gift to you.  For those of you who just love delicious chicken broth no matter what eating habits you have, this is your gift, too. 😉

Here are the health benefits of bone broth: (Read more about it here)

The first time I made bone broth 2 1/2 years ago, it took 2 days in my slow cooker.  It was delicious. I used it in so many recipes and on cold mornings I would heat a little cup of it and sip it!


Shutterbug Chef!

Now since the Instant Pot revolution, this same recipe takes 2 hours!  It makes 3-4 quarts and freezes beautifully! Continue reading

10 Recipes For The Intsant Pot You Got For Christmas

In case an Instant Pot is on your Wish List,  or if you are giving an Instant Pot as a gift, here is a list of 10 terrific Instant Pot recipes you can print out to use with your new device or add to the gift you give.  Continue reading

Paleo Brownies For Clean Eaters

December 8th is National Brownie Day!!!  And, it is Friday this year!!!!  Easy enough….let’s do this!


Because, what I really want is BROWNIES ….. but for clean eaters.

I am…weak.  At least when it comes to chocolate.  Or dessert.  Especially chocolate dessert. I want brownies for clean eaters.

And it is all because of Lindsay at Pinch of Yum.  I blame her for my appetite and my cravings.  You see, she posted a 6 ingredient espresso brownie recipe  that I read and HAD TO HAVE IT!  🙂  However, I need this to be a PALEO brownie!  As in no grains, no dairy, no refined sugar and nothing artificial.  But it must taste great!!  A few changes and I made it happen!

So, my dilemma is solved as I have decided to post 2 great brownie recipes that paleo or clean eaters can indulge in without guilt. Yes, brownies for clean eaters, too.

Happy National Brownie Day!! Continue reading