10 Recipes For The Intsant Pot You Got For Christmas

In case an Instant Pot is on your Wish List,  or if you are giving an Instant Pot as a gift, here is a list of 10 terrific Instant Pot recipes you can print out to use with your new device or add to the gift you give. 

Each of the following recipes is specifically intended for use in the Instant Pot. Click on the title to get the recipe.

  1. Cauliflower Fennel Soup 

    Shutterbug Chef!

    2. Sausage Ragu Pasta Sauce


    Shutterbug Chef!

    3. Hard Boiled Eggs


    Shutterbug Chef!

    4. Lava Cakes 


    Shutterbug Chef!

    5. Velvety Tomato Bacon Soup


    Shutterbug Chef!

    6. Bone Broth


    Shutterbug Chef!

    7. Rich Chili

    Twenty Minute Chili8. Vegetable Beef Stew Soup


    Shutterbug Chef!

    9. Mexican Chicken Soup

    Mexican-Chicken-Soup-110. Grilled Artichokes


    Shutterbug Chef!


    Print these out and place in their stockings if you’re giving Instant Pots as gifts!  If you hope to get an Instant Pot, print these out and put them in YOUR stocking!


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