30 Day Challenge Continues Plus Hints and Tips

To continue with the “challenge” of the 30 Day Challenge, I posted some breakfast ideas and recipes 2 days ago.  Today I would like to suggest some snacking tips.  In The  30 Clean challenge I participated in, snacking was not recommended.  However, most of us have busy lives and sometimes snacking is the only way to get through a fully scheduled day.  That said, healthy and clean snacking can be a welcome way to get in all of your food requirements and keep you on track!.

For some people, snacking can be a bad habit.  Let’s change this into a positive.

A list of good snacks:

celery sticks stuffed with cashew butter (or any nut butter except peanut butter)

artichoke hummus on fresh veggies or grain-free tortilla chips (available at Whole Foods, pricey but delish!)

sliced tomatoes with a sprinkle of onion salt or Trader Joe’s “Everything But The Bagel” seasoning


Shutterbug Chef!

Grain-free almond crackers (sugar free too!) spread with almond butter and a banana slice or pomegranate seeds

hard boiled egg half garnished with chopped bacon and chives


Shutterbug Chef!

handful of roasted or raw nuts. (Easily roasted at home!)


Shutterbug Chef!

Guacamole with fresh veggies or grain free tortilla chips

For that sweet craving, look no further than the produce aisle!  Any seasonal fruits, in moderation will do.  Or a 1 ounce piece of dark chocolate (72% cacao or higher) is a great flavor blast. (I like to eat this with a couple roasted almonds!)

Shutterbug Chef!

A muffin can be a great snack!


Shutterbug Chef!

Here is a link to a Trader Joe’s ‘clean” shopping list.  My daughter found it on Pinterest posted by a clean blog site called The Movement Menu.  Looking over this grocery list will give you some great snacking ideas!

Please feel free to leave questions or comments!

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