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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I am Marianne Donahoe, photography nerd, recipe hound, and cookbook hoarder. Photography has been my passion since my teenage years! As an adult, food and entertaining quickly became another passion.  With many travel opportunities over the years, I amassed an extremely large file of pictures from North America, Europe, Mexico and South America It only made sense to put these passions together in a blog to share with everyone!  Each week I provide 2-3 recipes with pictures and each weekend I have a Weekend Special Photography post, just because I love to photograph flowers, barns, still life, babies and want to share them with you!

In January, 2015 I enrolled in a group Clean Eating Challenge called The 30 Clean. So, for 30 days, we eliminated sugar, dairy, grains of any kind and anything artificial. We also were allowed only 2 adult beverages per week (hello Friday!) and limited to 2 servings of fruit each day. The recipes provided through the program were surprisingly delicious! Five of my friends and family members did this with me and we each lost 12 pounds! In 30 days- just by eliminating those foods! We all have more energy and feel so good!

Since the end of the 30 days I have stayed with the program, but have had an adult beverage or two more than once per week! ;).

Many of the recipes on this blog will be “clean” but not all of them. Recipes that are clean will be in the “Clean Eating” category as well as in the other appropriate categories.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and photos. If you want more information about healthy eating, check out The 30 Clean Challenge at www.the30clean.com


Please contact me with suggestions or questions:  marianne@shutterbugchef.com

2 thoughts on “About Me, Shutterbug Chef!

  1. Hi Laurie!! Nice to hear from you! You are way ahead of me on the clean lifestyle but I share your passion and commitment! Check back often for clean recipes as I post 3 days per week at least. I often take my old recipes or new ones I find in magazines or on TV and I clean them up! Feel free to shar any tips or recipes you have and I will post them! Thanks for your nice message!!

  2. I just love every you make! Your photography is beautiful. I especially like the new post of the Tulips. How perfect for this time of year! You have a real talent!

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