10 Recipes For The Intsant Pot You Got For Christmas

In case an Instant Pot is on your Wish List,  or if you are giving an Instant Pot as a gift, here is a list of 10 terrific Instant Pot recipes you can print out to use with your new device or add to the gift you give.  Continue reading

Clean Thanksgiving Menu


Thanksgiving day is in 2 days!!  Are you ready?  Are you worried?  Are you hungry for all the traditional tastes and textures?  Well, that’s ok!  But lets have a look at menu ideas to help you through….keeping in mind your REAL goal is….YOU!   Have a look at some Clean Thanksgiving Menu Continue reading

Summery Deviled Eggs


I’m the Shutterbug Chef!

Summery Deviled Eggs


Shutterbug Chef!

Deviled eggs always remind me of summer.  My family went to an annual reunion in St Louis that kept us kids so excited for days in anticipation!  The feast my mom prepared for it was the stuff dreams are made of:  fried chicken, potato salad, Nehi orange and grape soda, DEVILED EGGS!  Uncle Ed made cupcakes in ice cream cones!  Those were the days!  But, back to the deviled eggs.  To this day, my mom’s deviled eggs were the best anywhere.  She didn’t have a recipe for them, but she used a little of this, some of that and they were perfect, each time!

Over the years, I have tried to get a recipe written down to share with others.  I finally have one!


Shutterbug Chef!

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Nutty Carrot Flatbread From Cooking Light Magazine

Nutty Carrot Flatbread From Cooking Light


I am a cooking magazine junkie.  There are stacks and stacks of them all over the house. (Plus I have a soft spot for the Food Network, Steve the Cooking guy and some other PBS chefs!)  I found that after looking through them, and folding over a page corner to give that recipe a try, I really wasn’t going back to them as much.  I could never remember which recipe was in which magazine. I needed a system. To manage all these magazine recipes, I decided to use an expandable folder with categories like, salads, beef, chicken, soups, vegetables, etc.  You get the idea!  🙂  Continue reading

Memorial Day Menu

Memorial Day Menu


The kick-off to summer is here!! BUT…..Before we forget the reason for this long weekend, the ultimate sacrifice men and women in our military made for us, is why WE are free!  We must all pay tribute to them and be thankful for their service.  Visit a National Cemetery if possible this weekend and be in awe of the flags at each grave, and be thankful in your hearts for the people who have given it all so that we may be free.

A Memorial Day Menu can be anything from barbeques, to picnics, fried chicken, deviled eggs, salads of all kinds.  But let’s keep it simple. Enjoy the family and friends around you but let’s have some simple and delicious food to celebrate!

Chicken Legs With Thyme


As is, this is wonderful but it is fantastic to make the day before and serve cold or room temperature.

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Crunchy Broccoli Slaw

Crunchy Broccoli Slaw


So I saw this recipe for crunchy broccoli slaw in Bon Appetit Magazine but it had cheese, which I did not want, and it was missing a big flavor, like BACON, which I did want.  The only thing I could do was scrap the cheese and add the bacon…a mighty fair trade in my opinion!!  The result was a beautiful twist on ordinary slaw, which I love, but this is more like ADORE!  It is completely clean, and in fact a bit versatile…..use the olives of your choice…maybe add a few sliced cherry tomatoes, capers, cashews instead of almonds…maybe some crunchy pea pods…it can be whatever you want.

Slaw-5-LR-A Continue reading

Cheater’s Pickles

Cheater’s Pickles


I should probably have titled this “A Cheater’s Cheater’s Pickles” because I took it from the New York Times emails I get daily.  This is a cool website, too, but you can subscribe for the daily emails with tons of “what we are cooking now” kind of recipes.  Seasonal, fresh and often comfort foods, and usually updated from recipes past.  Check it out here:  http://cooking.nytimes.com/.

So Last week I saw this recipe for these pickles and decided to give it a try but as usual, I made some changes, little though they may be. Continue reading

My Top 5 Requested Recipes of 2015

My Top  Requested Recipes of 2015

2016 is just a few days away….where did 2015 go?  As  the year comes to a close, I will present my top 5 requested recipes with links to them.  It has been an exciting year for the team at Shutterbug Chef, due mostly to a big change in our eating habits, mainly by eliminating certain foods and not having to count calories or grams of fat….just eating healthy, delicious whole and natural foods made a big difference in my life, and it can in yours too.  I will save that for my anniversary post on January 5, 2016!!  😉  Continue reading

Roasted Carrot Stuffed Potatoes


While visiting Rome a few weeks ago, my friend Marilyn and I were walking through a wonderful farmers’ market.  We stopped to watch a salesman who was hawking some kitchen accessories.  One of these he was demo-ing was a peeler that peels both directions and on the opposite end of it was a julienne feature.  Pretty cool, we thought.  The next thing was a plastic screw-in juicer….he got like 3 tablespoons of juice out of an ordinary lemon with one good twist. Not sure I can do that.  But the ultimate demonstration was called the Ricciolo Spiral (pronounced sp-ee-ral).


This gadget pushes all the way through a potato and forms a thick curly peeled potato that can be used for roasting or frying for the ultimate French fries.


What he did next is what I am going to show you how to do!  Continue reading

Roasted Beets

Fresh Beets 1

Roasted Beets

The most beautiful beets are at the farmer’s market this summer.  Gold, red, purple, candy striped, so many gorgeous colors.  Raw, they look a little rough, but once roasted, they absolutely glow!  I love roasted beets! Continue reading