Happy Thanksgiving From Shutterbug Chef

This is a “re-post” from last year.  I still feel the same way about everything!

Happy Thanksgiving From Shutterbug Chef!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Today I want to thank all of you who have read my blog, shared my posts and commented on them.  This little blog gives me great joy and I truly appreciate those of you who read it!

I am a lucky gal in so many ways:

1. a loving husband, Joe

2. two amazing adult kids, Allyson and Andrew

3. a wonderful son-in-law, Casey

4. a beautiful grandson, Owen

5. my son’s beautiful girlfriend, Tina

Sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews,  cousins, friends near and far.

I am especially  thankful for our military and their families,  many of whom are apart at this time.  Their sacrifices allow us to enjoy our freedoms and for that I am very grateful.

So many real blessings have come into my life.  I praise the Lord for all of them

On this Thanksgiving day I hope and pray each of you can count your blessings and be truly thankful for them.  God bless all of you and God bless the USA!



30 Day Challenge Continues Plus Hints and Tips

To continue with the “challenge” of the 30 Day Challenge, I posted some breakfast ideas and recipes 2 days ago.  Today I would like to suggest some snacking tips.  In The  30 Clean challenge I participated in, snacking was not recommended.  However, most of us have busy lives and sometimes snacking is the only way to get through a fully scheduled day.  That said, healthy and clean snacking can be a welcome way to get in all of your food requirements and keep you on track!.

For some people, snacking can be a bad habit.  Let’s change this into a positive.

A list of good snacks: Continue reading

Weekend Special Trip To Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon


Shutterbug Chef!

We usually take a day trip to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon in the Fall.  Sometimes we go there to hike, while other times we go for lunch.  This year we went for lunch at Auberge Sedona.  We had our dog, Ozzie, with us this time.  Our table was along the Oak Creek with spectacular views.  To Ozzie’s delight there was an abundance of squirrels nearby playfully leaping from one tree to the next!  Once in a while they would rest on the rocks, which left Ozzie mesmerized.

Shutterbug Chef!

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Weekend Special iPhone POTD Project Part 2

Last weekend I began a series of my new project:  iPhone POTD Project.  This Photo Of The Day project is a challenge for me to take at least one picture each day with my iPhone.  I keep it organzied by the days and when the time is up I plan to print a book of these daily shots for my own record.

For me, the interesting thing about a project like this is that it shows places I have been, views I admired, food I have prepared, local flora and fauna and interesting things that just caught my eye!

Below is the next set of the photos I have for my project.

The stairs To Nowhere

Shutterbug Chef!

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Weekend Special iPhone Photo Of The Day Project

Back in April I got the new iPhone 7 Plus….and it changed my photography in so many ways.  For one thing, now when I travel, it isn’t necessary to pack, lenses, filters, batteries, tripods, etc.  Just my phone!  For another thing, the camera on this iPhone 7 Plus is amazing!  There are a number of good photo editing apps that save time when doing the post-processing of the photos.  The photo below was taken with this phone and 2 post-processing filters were used to slightly enhance the lighting (brighter) and I straightened out the horizon, both of which were done in under 1 minute!


Shutterbug Chef!

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Weekend Special Trip To Rural Missouri

A few weeks ago, we travelled to rural Missouri to view the total solar eclipse!  It was an amazing experience!  We had a fun day with lots of friends, family and good food and drink!  But that was just 1 day.  Our trip to rural Missouri gave us the opportunity to enjoy some scenery, flowers, animals, barns, houses, and a dairy visit!  This is so exciting for a city girl like me!

Please enjoy these various scenes of rural Missouri!

Animals were a thrill on this visit!  This giant snapping turtle was very patient with us while we photographed him!


Shutterbug Chef!


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Weekend Special Random Flora Shots


I’m the Shutterbug Chef!

It has been a while since I did a Weekend special post!  With a lot of summer travel, a lot of company and parties, I have not had the time…but I make time now.  Pleae enjoy these random images from my walks, farmer’s markets, gardens and golf courses!


Shutterbug Chef!

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An Otherwise Beautiful View Spoiled by Graffiti


I’m the Shutterbug Chef!


Shutterbug Chef!

This stunning landscape has been marred by vandals.  It really bothers me that someone thinks it is cool or funny to deface pristine areas, spoiling it for everyone else.  The following pics show the view before and then with the vandalism.   Continue reading

Weekend Special Back Lit Bougainvillea

I’m the Shutterbug Chef!

Weekend Special Back Lit Bougainvillea

On a very windy day, I snipped a bougainvillea stem and brought it inside to photograph it.  Using a powerful video L.E.D. continuous lighting set up, professional that I am) I set the light into the bottom of a pot, placed a white plastic sheet over it and set the bougainvillea on the plastic.  That is it.  I also shot some sliced citrus but was not happy with the results. Continue reading

Missing My Mom On Mother’s Day and A Few Others, Too.

I’m the Shutterbug Chef!

Missing My Mom On Mother’s Day and A Few Others, Too.  🙁


My mom, Betty Logan!

The years fly by, don’t they?  This is my 6th year without my mom here on this Earth to thank for being a wonderful mother!  I hope she knows how much she was (and still is) loved by so many.

Other’s are gone that I am missing, too.   Continue reading