Missing My Mom On Mother’s Day and A Few Others, Too.

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Missing My Mom On Mother’s Day and A Few Others, Too.  🙁


My mom, Betty Logan!

The years fly by, don’t they?  This is my 6th year without my mom here on this Earth to thank for being a wonderful mother!  I hope she knows how much she was (and still is) loved by so many.

Other’s are gone that I am missing, too.  My mother-in-law, Rosemary Donahoe, has been gone since 2001.  It is so hard to believe it has been that long.  My husband and I talk often about her and we still laugh at some of her “Rose-isms!”

Rose and Twiggy


My dear Auntie Rose.  Auntie was my mom’s baby sister.  A never-married career woman, Rose was everyone’s favorite aunt.  She would give us sips of beer, tell off-color jokes and every year for Christmas she gave us new pajamas.  Her sense of humor was legendary.  She always said she was our “other mother”.  I miss her a lot, too.

Auntie Rose

This year I am missing my sister-in-law Terri Logan.  She was the epitome of a wonderful mother.  Her tragic death this year has been hard for everyone who knew her, especially her husband Tim (my brother) and their 2 children, Jennifer and TJ.  Her darling grandsons, Sol and Vincent miss her so much.  Bill and Sandy, their best friends also miss Terri so much. Terri was beautiful inside and out and was just like a sister to me and my sisters Judy and Kathleen.

Terri Lynn Logan

To all mother’s out there, I wish you a beautiful day of peace with your family.  If your family is far away, I pray you hear from them and are told how much you are loved!

To my daughter on this mother’s day, the world should know what a wonderful mother YOU are to my precious Owen!  Thank you for being the amazing young woman you are!  I love you dearly

To my son Andrew,  thank you for being so warm and tender and not to mention FUNNY! (or as you used to tell me when you were little),” But looks aren’t everything!”  I love you so!

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