Instant Pot Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup


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This is a re-post from March of 2017.  That is just after I got my first Instant Pot.  That’s right….I have 2!  My first was the 6 quart but weeks later I decided to get the 8 quart, too.!

I wanted you to make this delcious “soup”.  It has the flavor of beef stew but the consistency of soup!  Since I first posted this back in March, I made a few changes to the recipe.  Namely, I use chicken broth instead of beef broth, plus I added more broth at the end!  The other chnage is that the pressure really softens the carrots and celery so the solution to that is to use carrots and celery, cut in half lengthwise while cooking the soup.  When the cooking is finished I remove the carrots and celery (they are very important to the flavor of the soup but we like firmer veggies!).  Then I add sliced carrots and celery plus the beans to the bubbling soup set on Sautee for 10 minutes.

As a reminder, this is paleo-friendly and clean eating friendly!  I made it for friends on Halloween and we all raved about it!

Instant Pot Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup


Shutterbug Chef!

Are you on the Instant Pot* band wagon yet?  I got on it by sheer accident.  My daughter, Allyson and her husband were in the middle of moving out of their house but the new house was not yet ready so everything was in storage.  Ally ordered an Instant Pot and had it delivered to my house.  So there it sat in the garage waiting to move to the new house.  As a favor to her, I decided to give it a trial run.  😉  Planning to make a beef stew, it actually became Paleo Vegetable Beef Soup.

You see, I can never leave well enough alone.  I take a perfectly good, tried and true recipe for beef stew and wonder, “This would be good with some mushrooms in it.”  Or, “If I add more broth to it, it will be a thinner gravy, more like a chowder or soup.”  This is how my recipes get started…and cleaned up, too. Continue reading

Bottoms Up Salad



Shutterbug Chef!

I love the cheer, “Bottoms Up!” but in this case it is not a cheer but the name of a salad. Named because I add all the ingredients except the lettuce first, then top it with the lettuce and dressing before tossing!  Simple, beautiful and endlessly versatile! Continue reading

30 Day Challenge Continues Plus Hints and Tips

To continue with the “challenge” of the 30 Day Challenge, I posted some breakfast ideas and recipes 2 days ago.  Today I would like to suggest some snacking tips.  In The  30 Clean challenge I participated in, snacking was not recommended.  However, most of us have busy lives and sometimes snacking is the only way to get through a fully scheduled day.  That said, healthy and clean snacking can be a welcome way to get in all of your food requirements and keep you on track!.

For some people, snacking can be a bad habit.  Let’s change this into a positive.

A list of good snacks: Continue reading

Happy National Chocolate Day!

I just got an email from National Day Calendar that October 28 is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY!  Woo Hoo!  Now there is a reason to celebrate!  I am going to cut right to the chase here and post links to my best chocolate recipes!! Continue reading

Continuing 30 Day Challenge and Fluffy Paleo Blueberry Muffins


Shutterbug Chef!

If you are following this 30 day challenge, I would love for you to leave feedback for me.  How is it going?  How do you feel?  Any challenges?  Any great new recipe finds?  Leave a comment below to let me know!

Since Sunday, my phone rang a lot, plus I received many texts and emails all about this 30 day challenge!  Some wanted recipes, some wanted food lists or menus, some needed more specific information on how to live the 30 Day Challenge. Let me start with the issue of breakfast!

The one question that came up a lot was “What do I eat for breakfast?
I am used to bagels, pastries, cereal, donuts, coffee with cream and sugar (or Splenda), and orange juice. ”  Donuts?  Really?  Continue reading

30 Day Challenge Info And A Spicy Paleo Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE STARTS TOMORROW!  On Facebook and Instagram I asked people to join me in a 30 day challenge to 1. Eat Clean,  2. Do mild daily excercise, and 3. Have low alcohol intake…..for 30 days!  There was a great number of responses to join in on this easy-to-do plan.

Eat Clean means:  NO grains, NO Dairy, No Sugar and NOTHING artificial!

Here is how I will help:  Continue reading

Weekend Special Trip To Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon


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We usually take a day trip to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon in the Fall.  Sometimes we go there to hike, while other times we go for lunch.  This year we went for lunch at Auberge Sedona.  We had our dog, Ozzie, with us this time.  Our table was along the Oak Creek with spectacular views.  To Ozzie’s delight there was an abundance of squirrels nearby playfully leaping from one tree to the next!  Once in a while they would rest on the rocks, which left Ozzie mesmerized.

Shutterbug Chef!

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All Pumpkin Recipes, Paleo Style!

With the onset of Fall, I’d  like to go over a few recipes in which pumpkin is the star of the show!  These can range from breakfast to dessert!   Give these All Pumpkin Recipes, Paleo Style a try!


Shutterbug Chef!

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Paleo Pumpkin Bread

The crisp Fall air always makes me want to bake…and I don’t usually bake!  But I love the smell of a kitchen when Autumn treats are baking.  There is just something comforting about cinnamon anything wafting through the air! Continue reading

Salt Crusted Iron Skillet Scallops With Mushrooms and Spinach

Salt Crusted Iron Skillet Scallops With Mushrooms and Spinach


This is a repost from November 2016.  The reason I am bringing it up again is that I recently had scallops in Chicago at a wonderful place call The Girl and The Goat.  They were really good.  It reminded me how simple they are to prepare and so delicious.   Give these seared scallops a try at your house!

Don’t think of this as a fancy dish!  It can be lunch, dinner on a random week night or serve it for company!  Scallops are pricey, it is true….BUT…I just served 4 people each 3 big salt crusted iron skillet scallops with mushrooms and spinach for under $20!!  The scallops were $16.89!  Add a roasted carrot to the plate and you are ready to eat!

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