Paleo Cherry Blueberry Ice Pops


Shutterbug Chef!


Shutterbug Chef!

Paleo Cherry Blueberry Ice Pops… yourself down during these hot summer days with a healthy, fruity ice pop that gets a boost from sparkling La Croix!

La Croix Berry flavored sparkling water is my all time favorite.  It is so refreshing when the mercury soars!  It occured to me that maybe it would be delicious frozen like an ice cube….then on further thought, I decided it would be even better with some fruit in it, then frozen!  Similar to my recipe for Fruit Bomb Pops, it is easier because all you do is run  thawed or fresh dark sweet cherries and blueberries through a blender with Berry La Croix, pour into ice pop molds and freeze for 4 hours.


Shutterbug Chef!

I found these 3″ molds at Walmart for $.94!!  (On line at they are $5.99!)  They are small so storage is not a problem.

Back to the Ice Pops idea.  Because La Croix has so many wonderful flavors, feel free to use the flavor of your choice with the fruit of your choice.  The combinations are endless.  If you don’t have ice pop molds, use an ice cube tray and place these in a glass of Rose wine or a summery cocktail that would be enhanced with fruit…thinking a Vodka drink, or a gin and lemonade….what is your summer cocktail?


Shutterbug Chef!


Paleo Cherry Blueberry Ice Pops

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1 cup thawed pitted sweet cherries (no sugar!)

1 cup fresh or thawed blueberries

1/4-1/2 cup La Croix Berry flavor, or the flavored water of your choice


Place all ingredients into a blender and process until mostly smooth.  A few flecks of fruit will still be visible, but that is fine!

Pour into 3″  ice pop molds and freeze for 4 hours. To unmold, run the outside of the molds under hot water to loosen.  Enjoy!

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