Paleo Thanksgiving Nibbles

Aaaaand……here we go!  The official foodie holiday kickoff  is 10 days away!  Now, I am not going to give you recipes for the mains and the sides.  Can we all agree that each family has traditions and recipes already in mind, or has downloaded and printed a bunch of them?  You don’t need another platform for “the best turkey ever”, “brussels sprouts for a crowd”, “low-sugar cranberry sauce with brandy”, or “updated pumpkin chiffon pie”, now do you?  Today I would like to give you a few suggestions for “light” snacks to enjoy with the beverage of your choice while awaiting the BIG meal. No matter if it is just the two of you or a houseful of guests, a nice nibble helps get us through until dinner, whatever time that may be at your home.

We like to keep it simple so there is no fussing in the “already-busy” kitchen.  Here is a list of make ahead and bring to the party ideas that should work for you.

  1. House Roasted Nuts:  These are a crowd pleaser to the NTH degree.  Make them a day or two ahead of time and then present them at the cocktail hour in a pretty bowl.  Watch them disappear!Roasted-Nuts
  2. Marinated Mixed Olives: Mix these up and keep in the refigerator until party time.  They can be served warm or room temperature.Olives-3
  3. Almond Crackers:  Simple to prepare and can be topped with seeds, salt or seasonings.  Enjoy these with the olives!Everything-Almond-Crackers
  4. Spicy Plaeo Pumpkin Muffins:  Make these in a mini tart pan or mini muffin pan and these little “pop-in-your-mouth” bites will satisfy even the little ones!

    Shutterbug Chef!

For our Thanksgiving, we have people that range in age from newborns to grandparents, old and new friends, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws…you name it. At times it seems chaotic, but in the end, we are all thankful for the many gifts God has blessed us each with, and for the love we share with each other.

Whatever your plans are for this Thanksgiving Day, be safe, eat well and take a moment to count your blessings!

I’m The Shutterbug Chef!

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