Paleo Applesauce With St-Germain Liqueur


Shutterbug Chef!

Autumn is in the air, even in Phoenix!  And with Autumn comes comfort food season: Soups, stews, braised foods, chili, butternut squash, apple everything!  And now there is Paleo Applesauce With St-Germain Liqueur

So with a yummy pork dish the other evening my husband requested applesauce.  I found this terrific recipe that worked so well, I just had to share it with you!  But before I prepared it,  I made a couple of changes to make it paleo-friendly.   Instead of the Calvados called for in the original recipe I used St-Germain liqueur.  It was lovely with a floral hint!

If you are unfamiliar with St-Germain liqueur, it is made from the elder flower petals that grow in France. See the bottle below! The first time I had this wonderful, floral liqueur was at a restaurant called Buccans in Palm Beach, Florida.  It was a signature cocktail that sounded so good I just had to try it.  Simple and elegant, it was nothing more that a glass of champagne with St-Germain floated on top.  The floral scent was divine and was so good with the champagne.  Of course this would be good with any sparkling wine, too.  As soon as I got home from this trip I bought a bottle of this delicious St-Germain!  Love it! Continue reading