Instant Pot ABC Soup: Asparagus Bacon and Cilantro Soup


I’m the Shutterbug Chef!


Shutterbug Chef!

This is a new take on one of my favorite soups!  Asparagus, fresh or frozen, is the base of this soup, but a few other ingredients not usually found in many Asparagus Soup recipes sets this one off.  Some chopped celery and a few small gold potatoes are part of this base along with the normal things you’d expect to find in Asparagus Soup:  thyme, onions, chicken stock.  Top it all off with a few unusual garnishes for a blast of flavor: cilantro pesto, crisp bacon and arugula micro greens!  Did I mention this is paleo friendly? Continue reading

Tomato Bacon Bisque

Tomato Bacon Bisque


This wonderful recipe was originally poste April 14 of 2015!  I am planning to make this for Christmas and serve as soup shots!  I thought it is the right time to offer it again, as it is a wonderful comfort food, too….so many places in the US are in the Polar Vortex!  Keep warm!

Tomato Bacon Bisque would be better described as smoky bacon and tomato bisque. This soup satisfies on so many levels…it bursts with smoky bacon flavor, freshness from the “on-the-vine” tomatoes, vegetable undertones from carrots, celery and onions. A nice little bacon or pancetta garnish for crunch tops it off for a soup so memorable you will serve it to company time and again! Continue reading

Frittata Du Jour


One of the great recipes on my clean eating food plan is this wonderful frittata.  Not only is it delicious, but from start to finish it took 10 minutes!!  Feel free to vary the veggies and protein as you like!

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