Instant Pot ABC Soup: Asparagus Bacon and Cilantro Soup


I’m the Shutterbug Chef!


Shutterbug Chef!

This is a new take on one of my favorite soups!  Asparagus, fresh or frozen, is the base of this soup, but a few other ingredients not usually found in many Asparagus Soup recipes sets this one off.  Some chopped celery and a few small gold potatoes are part of this base along with the normal things you’d expect to find in Asparagus Soup:  thyme, onions, chicken stock.  Top it all off with a few unusual garnishes for a blast of flavor: cilantro pesto, crisp bacon and arugula micro greens!  Did I mention this is paleo friendly? Continue reading

Triple Chocolate Double Espresso Ice Cream With Espresso Meringue


Triple Chocolate Double Espresso Ice Cream With Espresso Meringue

Oh, the decadence:  Rich, creamy chocolate ice cream with a hint of espresso lying underneath a light and airy espresso meringue topping studded with chocolate shavings!  But, wait…there is nothing decadent about this amazing dessert.  Triple chocolate double espresso ice cream with espresso meringue is CLEAN and PALEO friendly!  Dairy free, sugar free (but for a wee bit of raw honey in the meringue), gluten free and may I also say it is super easy, quick and has only a few ingredients!  You will blow the socks off your guest with this one!

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Date Brownies With Sesame and Coconut


Thank you Food and Wine Magazine for this wonderful inspiration!  Date brownies with sesame and coconut is a guilt-free vegan sweet treat!  Dessert is a rare treat for people on Clean Eating plans.  This, however is clean and delicious, but you can serve it to most anyone!  It is gluten-free, refined sugar-free and dairy-free! Continue reading

Almond Crackers


Over the weekend, my friend Marilyn mentioned that the only thing she missed about “eating clean” was having a cracker with soup.  That intrigued me.  I was sure I could find a recipe somewhere for crackers that are grain-free, sugar-free  and dairy-free with no artificial ingredients.  Well, there were a few but only this one appealed to me.  As usual, I made some changes, but the basics are the same and the crackers are great. Herewith, I give you Almond Crackers!

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Chocolate Toasted Coconut Banana Pops



I just realized two posts ago I had bananas and chocolate, too.  (Chocolate Banana Chia Parfaits)  Now I submit this recipe for Chocolate Toasted Coconut Banana Pops! My inner-monkey is speaking!

When eating clean, one thing some people tend to miss is dessert.  I feel your pain!  But I also have the antidote.  Chocolate toasted coconut banana pops.  This satisfies the sweet tooth but is clean and healthy!  Using a high cacao content chocolate eliminates a lot of sugar but still has plenty of sweetness from the bananas.  The toasted coconut brings this dessert to another dimension all together!  And adds a little crunch!

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Chocolate Banana Chia Parfaits




Shutterbug Chef!

Chocolate Banana Chia Parfait, a healthy breakfast for on-the-go families! The first time I had chia parfait, it had a bitter taste so I blew it off.  Then I decided to try to improve it because it is such a healthy dish!  After a few experiments, I came up with this chocolate banana chia parfait that tastes delicious!

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Clean Carbonara Pasta Sauce



I comb through “paleo” websites and other “clean” sites looking for dishes that will help people adjust to a life without grain, sugar, dairy and artificial stuff but still enjoy flavorful and satisfying meals…but the main thing I have discovered is that with a little knowledge and a commitment to eating healthy, most recipes can be converted so that our favorites foods can still be enjoyed but with a few adjustments.  There is a price for everything.  In this case,  nothing is sacrificed, but is brimming with delicious authentic Italian flavors!

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Roasted Strawberry Blackberry Crumbles


While the berry season is in full splendor right now, be sure to include this dessert (or breakfast) of roasted strawberry blackberry crumbles on your menu for holidays, brunches, picnics, barbecues, whatever occasion that comes up, or even an ordinary week night!

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Spicy Roasted Yellow Cauliflower Soup


Spicy Roasted Yellow Cauliflower Soup is a new twist on my basic recipe from years ago.  Ever since the beautifully colored cauliflowers started showing up at farmer’s markets, and now even in grocery stores, I have used them in every way from, raw to roasted, soups and salads. When I saw this yellow (almost orange) cauliflower today, I knew immediately that I wanted to roast it and try it in a soup recipe.  I went to my recipe file and decided on one of my basics but I cut out the flour, half and half and added almond milk….delish!  Seriously, DELISH!  It has a kind of warmth to it, due to the curry but when thinned to a nice consistency it has a soft and velvety texture that lingers so nicely.

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Mexican Chocolate Pots De Creme


On my second week of clean eating, I was asked to bring a dessert to a dinner party. Among the 9 guests was a diabetic, a non-gluten eater and one who doesn’t eat dairy.  This was a challenge to find the perfect dessert to fulfill all the dietary restrictions and yet have a sweet and satisfying dish.  Then I found this rich and chocolaty dessert in the Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook.  It was a big hit and as my friend Susan said, “It’s just a lovely finish!”

 Mexican Chocolate Pots De Crème

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