A Year Of Missing Terri

A year ago today, we lost my sister-in-law, Terri, unexpectedly.  Shortly after, I posted the story and feel compelled now to repeat some of the same words and sentiments.

We were all devastated and filled with grief of losing Terri.  Her bright smile will forever be in my memories and I can truly say I feel her all around me.

Terri was like a sister to me, and to my other 2 sisters, too.  Her death has left a void in my life that will take forever to fill.  My brother Tim, Terri’s adoring husband and their 2 children, Jennifer and TJ have had to bear the brunt of this in their daily lives.  The grandchildren, Sol and Vincent, are still so young, but they adored their “Grandma Bug” and truly miss her.  They ALL miss her so terribly, as many of us do, but their pain is exponentially deeper.  Terri loved them with all her heart.  This strong and loving family has helped each other get through a year of “firsts”: Terri’s (and ALL their) birthdays, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, vacations (including our annual O.G.G.W. traveling girl’s group), Halloween with the grandchildren, football and hockey season (Terri was a HUGE Steelers and Penguins fan!) Thanksgiving, Tim and Terri’s anniversary, Christmas, New Years, and now, the anniversary of Terri’s passing.

Bill and Sandy, Terri and Tim’s closest friends, even through their own grief, have been so very supportive of Tim during this past year.  They are so kind and include Tim in everything, including their own family events. Truly, they are his best friends.

Terri was kind and compassionate, beautiful, sweet and so much fun.  She had a zest for life and lived each day to the fullest.

Although those of us who knew and loved Terri still grieve and miss her, I can’t help but be so happy with the deeper relationships that arose from her passing.  Our family texts, phone calls, visits have become more meaningful and more frequent.  I would trade all that for another hour with Terri, but that cannot be.  I trust that Terri smiles down on all of us, nurturing as she always did, encouraging the family love that was always there but maybe needed some attention.  Terri was and still is a true blessing in all of our lives.


Shutterbug Chef!

Missing and loving you so much Terri.

Your sister,


2 thoughts on “A Year Of Missing Terri

  1. January 13 will always be a day marked with sadness for Bill and me. Not only is that the date of Terri’s unexpected passing, but it is also a day shared with Bill’s moms passing, a decade earlier.
    Terri was the first very close friend that I had ever lost. Last year often felt vacant not having her physical presence at each and every gathering. Her joyful spirit, however, was always felt and gave us “permission” to live and laugh again, as we had always done together.
    I am thankful that Terri, aka “my Life Coach,” has left me with so many reasons to think of her everyday; starting with the scrambled eggs that she taught me to make which I make every morning, to the heated mattress pad that she told me about which I use every night.
    It has been a most difficult year for Tim. Bill and I have been encouraged by how he has managed to carry on with traditions, to honor what Terri would have done and wanted. That is not to say that it has been easy for Tim, because it has not. Bill and I cannot imagine the daily struggles that he must face by not having his soulmate of 46 years at his side.
    Terri will never be forgotten. She loved her family and friends and we loved her so much.
    As with the passing of any loved one, time truly does help to ease the pain. I can only hope that 2018 will be a little less painful for all of us who loved her.

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